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Bob Miller PM 

Member of Lodge:- Kirkton Hall 1614

A fascinating afternoon yesterday with a resume of No.0 history and your working of the old degree to celebrate our 50th anniversary at Armadale. All those I spoke with afterwards were very impressed and your brethren I sat with for the dinner were excellent company.
One of the best meetings I've attended in quite a while.
Thank you.

Tony Rogers Email

Location / Place:- Newhaven,Edinburgh

Member of Lodge:- Hopetoun Saint John 1232

I attended the Masonic Temple of Armadale on Saturday the 7th March 2015 where I witnessed the very fine working of the Auld degrees by your able team. I thoroughly enjoyed the privelidge. Well done Brethren.

Steve Chalmers Email

Location / Place:- Leith

Member of Lodge:- PM Trafalgar 223 HM Gislebertus 478 GLNF

Hi , Fraternal greetings from sunny Leith    and even sunnier Burgandy!
I had the pleasure of a lunch time visit to The Mother Lodge with some French Brethren   who really enjoyed their visit by the kind asistance of RWM Ian Doule 
( and then Aldos fish and chips!)
 Their lodge    translated Trafalgars ritual 27 years ago   and this is now copied by 60 + NEW lodges throughout France who are desperate to acknowledge Scotlands masonic history  and R L Gislebertus 478 is regarded as The Mother Lodge of Rite Standard d'Ecosse  en France. The Grand lodge there have a different method of overseeing lodges consisting of Lodges of Instruction and the main one in Paris is called        yes you can guess   Kilwinning.  All from some french brethren thinking it was funny to visit L Trafalgar and enjoying the welcome !

Ive got to add more after last item   as I was born in Buckredden but brought up in Tattie town   where I was ( eventually) inspired to research some masonic history because of the name   Lodge Royal Arch   along with families mother lodge 320 also including RA in Lodege name , leading to a lot of interest over the years   and 3 yearbook blethers ! ( Whats in a name   RA lodges  1088)

Again Thanks to Ian  for making our French brethren soooo welcome


David K. Penny 

Location / Place:- West Kilbride, Ayrshire

Member of Lodge:- Loge Royal Arch 314

What a wonderful website!  I've enjoyed looking through it immensely.
Fraternal greetings from all at 314.

David K. Penny RWM

Elizabeth Garris 

Dear sirs, I am researching my ancestry and found an obituary for my great uncle, Hugh Gardner, a member of the Lodge of St. John 543 F. and A.M., I think in the late 1800 s ..if you have any information concerning him I would genuinely appreciate it. His wife, Agnes Hopkin Gardner was my mother, Elizabeth Ross Boyd 's aunt. My mother was born in Glasgow and her father was John Alexander Boyd ,an engineer for sugar plantations owned by the Aspillaga Bros. in that same time period, late 1800 s, early 1900 . Thank you for any assistance. Sincerely, Elizabeth Garris.

Thank you for your entry, unfortunately you did not leave an email address to which I could respond.
However I have to advise you that we only keep records for Lodge Mother Kilwinning and no other Lodges.

David Wilson P.M. Lodge Secretary.

Bruce LINDSAY Email

Location / Place:- Alès, France

Member of Lodge:- Les Amis Rassemblés d'Ecosse n°1432, Grande Loge Nationale Française, Province de Septimanie

Hearty greetings and best fraternal wishes to all at MK0.
Logistics keep getting in the way but hopefully I will be able to visit in 2015 along with the brethren of my Lodge. Will raise a glass to you all at 9 o'clock on the 21st January at our next regular meeting, which will be a Burns Supper.
Lang may yer lums reek!

Bruce Lindsay P Gd Std B, RWM #1432 -  2005 & 2015
Provincial Mentor
Substitute Master Loge Nationale d'Instruction "Kilwinning"

Joel Greenwood  Email

Location / Place:- Greenwood Louisiana USA

Member of Lodge:- Past Master, Greenwood Lodge #409 Greenwood Louisiana

I really loved your website. I am of Scottish decent and would love to visit someday.

Malcolm Swinburn 

Location / Place:- Grantham, Lincolnshire, England

Member of Lodge:- Meridian Daylight Lodge 9813 and Welland Lodge 9556

A really good and interesting website. I hope to be able to attend a lodge meeting very soon,

Ian Butcher 

Location / Place:- Paisley, Renfrewshiore

Member of Lodge:- Prince of Wales, 426

Forwarding Fraternal greetings to the R.W.M, and Brethren of Mother Lodge, Number 0, from myself and the R.W.M and Brethren from P.O.W 426 [smile]

Håkan Wasén Email

Location / Place:- Linköping

Member of Lodge:- ÖPL Östgöta Provinsialloge Linköping Sweden

Brethrens! We all 8 returned to Sweden with our hearts filled with warmth and joy after Your marvellous meeting tuesday 22: of april.Th. We will convey that spritit to our brethrens in Sweden.
We also loved to hear Your lovely scottish accent and next time  because we will return we will speak in scots!
You can read about our visit in our web but only in swedish. We will see that You get a translation.

B. Jonathan Krieg Email

Location / Place:- Costa rica

Member of Lodge:- La Luz # 3

Dear Brethren,

It was wonderful to find your site and browse through it. Our lodge is a Scottish Working Lodge  in Costa Rica and we use the same colors. Our rite is the Scottish Craft Ritual of St. John's Masonry. Would you know of any Lodge's in Scotland that might use that same rite because we would love to make the connection ?

Fraternally :.

Jonathan Krieg

Leighton Waterman Email

Location / Place:- Barbados

Member of Lodge:- St. Andrew, 1509 S.C and Harmony 1110 S.C

I enjoyed reading about the history of our Mother Lodge. I must arrange a visit the next time I am in Scotland.

Andy Mural Email

Location / Place:- Trinidad, W. I.

Member of Lodge:- PM, Lodge Hesperus No. 1738 SC

Hearty Good Wishes and Warmest Fraternal Greetings to the
RWM and Brethren of Mother Kilwinninh No. 0

William G Blair, PM Email

Location / Place:- Beaverton, Oregon, USA

Member of Lodge:- Vista Masonic Lodge No. 215

Fraternal Greetings,

I confess to dereliction in not sooner expressing thanks for the hospitality of Lodge Mother Kilwinning when I visited last September. I must say that in all my travels I have never felt more welcome in a Lodge of Freemasons. It was an evening I hope to follow with another before long. Thank you all!

William Blair, PM

Caleb William Haines Email

Location / Place:- Ithaca NY

Member of Lodge:- Konosioni #950

Absolutely intriguing historical significance. I must visit Scotland someday!

Sincerely and Fraternally,
Caleb William Haines

Mark Russell Email

Location / Place:- Hailsham/East Sussex UK

Member of Lodge:- Anderida 2434

Many thanks to the 2 gentlemen who showed me round the temple and museum,
on Friday 7th Feb, it was gratefully received,
and as we were house hunting in Kilwinning i hope to get to some meetings as well.

Joe Vassallo 

Location / Place:- Malta

Member of Lodge:- St. Andrew 966

Fraternal greeting to all brethren at Mother Lodge 0 Kilwinning.

Your website is of great interest and is very well presented. I am from the island of Malta and currently the RWM of lodge St. Andrew 966 the only remaining Scottish lodge on the island. We have also about two years ago reponed the RAC Caledonian No 325 which was dormant for few decades.

On behalf of all my brethren we wish you well and hope that one day I can come to visit you.

Bro. Joe Vassallo 

Pavel Pavlov Lazarov 

Location / Place:- Liberec and Prague - Czech republic

Member of Lodge:- #1569 Řetěz Spojení/Chaine d'Union, DH, Or.Prague


I loved to find your web page, and to look it all around. I hope to be able to visit your museum soon, during my visit to Scotland.
I was initiated in a co-masonic L:. of Le Droit Humain back in 2001.
In my L:. I am the immeadiate PM.
Since last year I entered the 4° of the Scottish Rite.

michael weissberg Email

Location / Place:- Miami, Florida, United States of America

Member of Lodge:- Coral Gables Lodge #260 Chartered by the Grand Lodge of Florida

I am a Master Mason and the Junior Deacon of Coral Gables Lodge #260, Coral Gables, Florida, Chartered by the Grand Lodge of the State of Florida, United States.  Greeting to my brothers in Scotland!

Ektor Harry Trubounis-Lavdas 

Location / Place:- Palmer, MA 01069

Member of Lodge:- Brigham Lodge Ludlow MA

Was master of Brigham  Lodge in 1976. Joined Masonry at age 61 in 1989.
Was made Personal Representative of Grand Master of Cyprus at it's creation. I met and became friend of Joseph Bruno Levy at that occasion.
Was made a Rt. Worshipful by the Grand master. The Grand Lodge of Cyprus was founded under the Grand Master of Austria and the Grand Master of Pennsylvania. Became Governor of King Philip York Rite College and received the Order of the Purple Cross in Arkansas in 1996.
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