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Andy Baird 

Location / Place:- Bath, Somerset. England

Member of Lodge:- Exmoor No2390. Province Of Somerset

Greetings to you all at The Mother Ludge.
Just a quick note to give thanks on behalf of W.Bro's Clive, John, Paul and myself who were met and shown around your fine temple and museum by W.Bro's Iain and John last Wednesday (16th Sept '15).
Their knowledge, enthusiasm and time freely given is a great credit to your lodge.
Your history is without equal.
Again, our thanks.
Yours faithfully and fraternally.

Antonio Francisco Lisboa 

Location / Place:- Cachoeira Paulista - SP / Brazil

Member of Lodge:- Dignidade e Justi├ža no. 3075 - Dignity and Justice

Dear Brothers
Congratulations on History, the Lodge and the website.
Triple Fraternal Hug
Antonio Francisco Lisboa :. - (historic name)
Adonhiramite Rite

David Johnston Email

Location / Place:- Glasggow

Member of Lodge:- Sir George Cathcart No 617

Fraternal greetings to all at MK0 If I may I would like to record a big thanks to Bro. John Littlejohn for his help. I have been researching the "Family History" of Lodge Tollcross No. 1194 I encountered a few "blind alleys" and without Johns help and encouragement I might have given up.
He happily gave of his time and experience and I am indebted to him
Ps what a great EA degree at last meeting,
Best wishes
Davie Johnston

jimmy aitken Email

Location / Place:- Bo'ness

Member of Lodge:- The Douglas Lodge 409

To all the brethren of mother kilwinning, had a great time in your mother lodge last night, degree work was excellent and good company. I would like to thank r.w.m. for taking time to have a chat with me.
   yours fraternally jimmy Aitken.

Tam Meikle Email

Location / Place:- Falkirk

Member of Lodge:- Lodge Carron 139

May I take this opportunity to pass on sincere thanks to RWM Bro. Iain Doole, PM Bro. John Adrian and Bro. John Pollock for firstly organising and then welcoming us into your wonderful and illustrious old Lodge last night, Tuesday 28th July. Prior to the meeting We were given a tour of the premises including the museum and the Lodge Room. The history shared was enlightening and very informative and the historical lecture we received from the RWM was absolutely fantastic. Along with my father in law, Bro. Alex McArdle (Lodge Callendar 588) and my own Lodge's Sword Bearer, Bro. Robert McLay, we then witnessed a flawless rendition of the 3rd Degree and I cannot speak highly enough about the effort put in by all of the degree team. Word perfect and must have made a lasting impression on the candidates mind. Everyone made us feel welcome both during and after the meeting and I thank you all. I look forward to visiting again and I hope to send an invitation to your Lodge to help celebrate my Mother Lodge's 250th celebrations in 2017 by conferring the Old Degree " working. Fraternal greeting from Lodge Carron 139, Province of Stirlingshire. Bro. Tam Meikle, WSW Carron 139.

Renan Mengu Email

Location / Place:- Istanbul/Turkey

Member of Lodge:- Lodge Koken Nr. 52

Congratulations for a wonderful site. My Brethren, wives & I had the privilege of being welcomed to your Lodge & then having a conducted tour of the Lodge Room & the Museum. 
It was unbeleivable.
We were greeted & treated with much sincerity & warmth.
Hoping to visit again. Sincere thanks to RWM Iain Doole and the assisting Past Masters. Hope to visit you soon.
Fraternal Greetings from all the Brethren.

Andrew McCulloch Email

Location / Place:- Airdrie

Member of Lodge:- New Monkland Montrose No 88

Can i once again thank you all for a fantastic evening. (9/6/15)
Fraternal Greetings from all at New Monkland Montrose No 88

Andrew McCulloch RWM

John Plant 

Location / Place:- Thorne, Doncaster

Member of Lodge:- Stonegate No. 6118

I have read and enjoyed all the information on the website, a useful tool indeed,  in preparation for our visit on the 9th June. It will be my second visit, and being a little more experienced (but not knowledgeable) I am sincerely looking forward to being there again.

God bless [smile]

Brent Nichols Email

Location / Place:- Bellingham, Washington. USA

Member of Lodge:- Whatcom #151

Your site is great resource for anyone interested in the history of Masonry. Thank you!

Brent Nichols


How to become a freemason?

Jimmy Aitken Email

Location / Place:- Bo'ness

Member of Lodge:- Douglas Lodge 409

I enjoyed reading all about your history of your lodge, I saw you working the auld degree at Armadale, and I did enjoy the auld way of working a degree had a very enjoyable day. So I have decided to come and see you working your degree in your own lodge on the 23rd June looking forward on coming and meeting other brethren.

                Yours Fraternally Jimmy Aitken. M.M. 


Is Andy Davis still a member?

Morley Goodyear Email

Location / Place:- Trinity East, Newfoundland

Member of Lodge:- Airways Lodge, Gander and Bonavista Lodge, Newfoundland

Was reading a Masonic history book and notices several entries re: 3Kilwinning Lodge. Congrats to all officers and members on an excellent tribute and lasting commitment to Masonic Benevolent and Love to All.

R W Jon Server 

Location / Place:- Rome, NY USA

Member of Lodge:- Roman - Hatheway Lodge #223 GL of the State of New York

I found this site by accident, which turns out to be a good accident. 
I have read every page, coming away with a feeling of Brotherhood that is second to none. 
I congratulate the Brothers of the Lodge for their efforts and work in the quarries of Free Masonary. 
S & F
R:. W:. Jon Server
Grand Steward - Grand Lodge Staff Officer
Past Master
Roman - Hatheway Lodge #223, 2nd Oneida District
Grand Lodge of the State of New York Free and Accepted Masons.

Sylvain Email

Location / Place:- Polynesia

Member of Lodge:- Te Parau Mo'a

Very nice and instructive site. Will love to visit you one day.
Fraternally yours,


Location / Place:- Spain

I must be a member of Lodge some day, site looks really impressive. Greetings for site author.

Bob Miller PM 

Member of Lodge:- Kirkton Hall 1614

A fascinating afternoon yesterday with a resume of No.0 history and your working of the old degree to celebrate our 50th anniversary at Armadale. All those I spoke with afterwards were very impressed and your brethren I sat with for the dinner were excellent company.
One of the best meetings I've attended in quite a while.
Thank you.

Tony Rogers Email

Location / Place:- Newhaven,Edinburgh

Member of Lodge:- Hopetoun Saint John 1232

I attended the Masonic Temple of Armadale on Saturday the 7th March 2015 where I witnessed the very fine working of the Auld degrees by your able team. I thoroughly enjoyed the privelidge. Well done Brethren.

Steve Chalmers Email

Location / Place:- Leith

Member of Lodge:- PM Trafalgar 223 HM Gislebertus 478 GLNF

Hi , Fraternal greetings from sunny Leith    and even sunnier Burgandy!
I had the pleasure of a lunch time visit to The Mother Lodge with some French Brethren   who really enjoyed their visit by the kind asistance of RWM Ian Doule 
( and then Aldos fish and chips!)
 Their lodge    translated Trafalgars ritual 27 years ago   and this is now copied by 60 + NEW lodges throughout France who are desperate to acknowledge Scotlands masonic history  and R L Gislebertus 478 is regarded as The Mother Lodge of Rite Standard d'Ecosse  en France. The Grand lodge there have a different method of overseeing lodges consisting of Lodges of Instruction and the main one in Paris is called        yes you can guess   Kilwinning.  All from some french brethren thinking it was funny to visit L Trafalgar and enjoying the welcome !

Ive got to add more after last item   as I was born in Buckredden but brought up in Tattie town   where I was ( eventually) inspired to research some masonic history because of the name   Lodge Royal Arch   along with families mother lodge 320 also including RA in Lodege name , leading to a lot of interest over the years   and 3 yearbook blethers ! ( Whats in a name   RA lodges  1088)

Again Thanks to Ian  for making our French brethren soooo welcome


David K. Penny 

Location / Place:- West Kilbride, Ayrshire

Member of Lodge:- Loge Royal Arch 314

What a wonderful website!  I've enjoyed looking through it immensely.
Fraternal greetings from all at 314.

David K. Penny RWM
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