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Roy Fuller Email

Location / Place:- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Member of Lodge:- Acacia 430

Enjoying your website, three cheers for it.
Thanks and blessings to everyone who contributed to it and to my Brothers in Scotland.

Eduardo Bandeira Lecey Email

Location / Place:- Porto Alegre / Brasil

Member of Lodge:- ARLS Guardiões da Arca nº 4348 - Grande Oriente do Brasil

I would like to congratulate the Workers of the Mother Lodge of Scotland for the beautiful site and especially for sharing with the other Brothers of the Earth Orb the images of their temple and museum. Congratulations and Triple Brotherly Embrace.

WB James P Hanbeury 

Location / Place:- Manahawkin NJ

Member of Lodge:- Durand # 179 F&AM Grand Lodge of New Jersey

While researching information on the history of non-operative masons into lodges I found the Mother Kilwinning No. 0 web site and found it extremely informative and enlightening.

Jose Jekeri P. Taningco Email

Location / Place:- Tagbilaran Cit, Bohol, Philippines

Member of Lodge:- Siquijor Lodge No. 418 MWGLP

I am so proud to have learned that since 1140, masonry already existed. I wish to learn more of the History of Lodge Kilwinning. Hope there is an available materials to read. Please do keep in touch. Fraternal grip.

Clyde Sinclair 

Location / Place:- Rockford, Michigan USA

Member of Lodge:- Centre Lodge No. 273, Midland, Michigan USA

I have recently been curiously searching my family's linage for those who were masons before me.  My father, grandfather and great grandfather were all life members of Centre Lodge, but I can find no evidence that my great great grandfather was. Five generations before him was John Sinkler of Lybster who came to America from Scotland, I'm sure many in Scotland were masons.

I am proud to be of Scottish Masonry blood.  How I wish I could visit The Mother Lodge and enjoy the brotherhood of it's members.  Only to follow it up by visiting a local pub and enjoying some spirits.

Someday we will all meet in the Celestial Lodge that is prepared for us.  Where we will all meet "on the level."

Until then,

Clyde Sinclair, Past Master
Centre Lodge No. 273
Midland, Michigan USA

Alfonso Perez Email

Location / Place:- Montevideo/Uruguay-Sud America

Member of Lodge:- Igualdad # 128

Dear RWM, and Brethern of Mother Lodge # 0
I visited the Mother Lodge in Kilwining, last years. I will never forget the warm welcoming and hospitality especially from brother John Adrian, who show me the museum and the Lodge Room. My Lodge Igualdad 128 donate to Mother Lodge of Kilwining, a pennant of our Lodge in Sud America, like a friendly link. I hope visit the mother Lodge again, and give a big hug, to all of you.
With brotherly greetings
Alfonso Perez 
Ex WM Log Igualdad 128, Uruguay

ian stuart Email

Location / Place:- east kilbride

Member of Lodge:- Fergusson St james 566

To RWM office bearers and brethren of the mother lodge just a wee e mail of apology as i have not visited for some time but will rectify soon hoping you are all well yours fraternally bro Ian Stuart pm

William renfrew Email

Location / Place:- Barrhead

Member of Lodge:- P.m Union and crown 307

Was at the funeral of my former teaching colleague of over 30 years bro willie macdougall. A gem of so man. Will always be fondly remembered.was so glad he attended my installation all those years ago

Havard Karlsen Email

Location / Place:- Trondheim, Norway

Member of Lodge:- No. 104 Nordlyset- Trondjem

Dear Worshipful Master and all Brethren of The
Motherlodge of Scotland !

It was an utmost pleasure and a great honor to be able to attend a 2nd degree meeting in Kilwinning.
Thanks for the generous and warm welcoming and hospitality!
A memory for life!

Sincerely and fraternal regards

Havard Karlsen

Bro MP Cassidy Email

Location / Place:- Newton Mearns

Member of Lodge:- Craigends1042

 Bro Charles, I have visited MK 0 four times now and it just gets better & better! Kind, warm & genuine fraternal greetings are consistently offered & exemplary hospitality is always given to me by ALL the Brethren of the Mother Lodge of Scotland.. it is a massive honour to consider myself being part of the same Fraternity as yourselves!
My heartfelt fraternal best wishes & thanks to each & every one of you.
Yours Aye,
Bro Martin C.

Kai Lilliendal Email

Location / Place:- France / Denmark

Member of Lodge:- Raymond IV / St. martin

Dear Br .: John Adrian -

Thank you for your tour of MK0 Saturday, April 16. It was a great experience for us all. We hope to come back and participate in a meeting.

with friendly and brotherly greeting


Alex Glen 

Location / Place:- Ontario, Canada

So glad you have a web site, as I left a request, searching for information about my dad and his membership.  All my uncles and aunts emigrated from Ayrshire area to Canada and became members of the Masons, Eastern Star, Sons of Scotland and Scotch Clan and I have only stories from my youth, so it is important for me to put some pieces together for my children and their children.  Look forward to receiving the information.    

Peter Vatistas Email

Location / Place:- Newmarket, NH - USA

Member of Lodge:- Rising Star Lodge #47

A beautiful Lodge with a long rich history.  Next time I am within a 3 hour drive of your lodge I will stop by...  Hopefully on a Lodge night!

Very nice website as well.  Thank you!

Peter N. Vatistas
Past Master, Rising Star #47
Newmarket, NH  USA
(No, we don't have a horse track)  [smile]

CATHALA Jean-Michel Email

Location / Place:- saint-Jory 31790

Member of Lodge:- Sant Joan de Les Valls n° 2 ANDORRE

Je souhaite une Très Bonne Année à tous les Frères de La Loge 
Je vous avais rendu visite en 2009 (August) et je pense encore à l'accueil chaleureux que vous m'aviez réservé!
Kisses Fraternals
R.F. Jean-Michel CATHALA 

Richard Montgomery Email

Location / Place:- redding california

Member of Lodge:- Western star lodge. #2. shasta california

Congratulations on being Master. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Mother Lodge this past September. Your hospitality was most welcoming, warm and friendly. I was intrigued by both the commonalities as well as the differences in your 1st degree. Thank you again for your brotherhood. Masonry is truly worldwide. Your most humble brother. Richard

Antony Watt  Email

Location / Place:- Englavndu

Member of Lodge:- Severn No5583

I joined Dunkwa lodge in1968, and had several very happy years in Ghana in the 1967 a and 68 and69,, before rerturning to England in 1972, I am now Past provincial junior Grand Warden, but, I Istillhavven many happy memories .I would love to see a copy of a recent summons of my mother Lodge

Robert W. Bruneau Email

Location / Place:- Olympia, WA

Member of Lodge:- P.M. Fairweather Lodge #82, Tacoma, WA.

Looking forward to your response.

John Taylor Email

Location / Place:- Irvine, North Ayrshire

Member of Lodge:- Irvine Newtown 1662

I enjoyed browsing through your website, MK0 carried out a degree in the Lodge at Bank st Irvine last week 19/11/15 and I was very impressed, I hope to visit the lodge and the museum very soon. Fraternal greetings to all at MK0.

Joao Gorjao Email

Location / Place:- Lisoa

Member of Lodge:- GLLP/GLRP - FT .79

Dear Brothers.'.
I am free Mason (3rd degree) in Portugal, the history of your loge is directly linked to the story of  REAA, it's wonderful, I just want to send a triple freternal hug. We will be in contact.

João Gorjão

My Loge is Fernando Teixeira nº 79 of Grande Loja Legal de Portugal / GLRP.


Location / Place:- Pesaro Italy

Member of Lodge:- York Rite


Dear Worshipful Master, Dear Brothers,

I thank you for your kind hospitality that you have reserved during our visit in Kilwinning with the other brothers of the York Rite of Italy.

It was not the first time I visited the Mother Lodge, but the emotion is always really great from the moment you cross the threshold of the lodge.

For me,and for all the brothers, the Mother Lodge has a special value.

To all the Masons, who in every age have been part of the Mother Lodge, we have the reasons of our journey in search of knowledge and truth.

You, dear Brothers of the Mother Lodge, are the legacy of wealth and knowledge to which all Masons of the world have to recognize a part of themselves, in particular we have also to recognize the history of the institution and in particular of our ritual body: The York Rite .

In renewing to all of you the feeling of fraternal gratitude I embrace you with love.

Three times three

Tiziano Busca

Most Excellent Grand High Priest York Rite of Italy

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