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Tony Cava Email

Location / Place:- Haslet, Texas

Member of Lodge:- 1084, Keller Texas

Thank you for your hospitality and making a brother who traveled a very long distance feel welcome! It is truly a beautiful Lodge Room and Museum!

Valerie Worrall Email

Location / Place:- Wallingford

Member of Lodge:- No

Thank you for making this site available  to me.

Roy Schulze Email

Location / Place:- Norway, Iowa USA

Member of Lodge:- St.Clair No.164, Hope No.175 Fidelitas No.364

Greetings from Iowa, I find your website very attractive and fascinating.  I look forward to actually visiting someday.

Roy L. Schulze
PM St.Clair No. 164
Member Lodge service committee 
Grand Lodge of Iowa

Jim McGhie Email

Location / Place:- Hamilton South Lanarkshire

Member of Lodge:- Avon 1231

Excellent website

desideriu ramelet stuart 

Location / Place:- Corsica / Castifau



It is a real honnor and a great pleasure to visit your website.

My ancestor's stewart cousins lived at Kilwinning two centuries ago.


Brian Wright Email

Location / Place:- Essex, England.

Member of Lodge:- Blackwater Lodge No. 1977

Having visited the Mother Lodge on 28th August with two friends I would recommend a visit to this fine lodge by any brethren who have the opportunity.
They have ritual and hospitality second to none.
W.Bro. Brian Wright


Ricardo Rios Email

Location / Place:- Lima Peru

Member of Lodge:- Lodge Unity 1109 Nº 214 -


My fraternal greetings to all of you, I really liked the page and the store.
A strong and fraternal embrace
Ricardo E Rios, MM
Lodge Unity 1109 Nº 214
Grand Lodge of AA. FF. & AA.MM of Peru

Carlos Oneto Bensa 

Location / Place:- Ica, Perú, South America

Member of Lodge:- Filosofía Peruana 122 (Peruvian Philosophy 122)

Greetings to all, brothers. I am a master Mason, currently I occupy the position of Chaplain of my lodge. I am always studying the history of Freemasonry and it is a pleasure to read the information on its website. It would be wonderful to be in yor temple and a great honor to participate in your works... someday, if the Highest One allows it.
Well, here you have your brother in Peru.
Please, receive my fraternal embrace.
Carlos Oneto B.

kermit lee kennedy Email

Location / Place:- dallas texas usa

Member of Lodge:- prince hall - fred douglass lodge 99

i didnt know freemasonry lodges went back that far it was very interesting to know about the mother lodge

Ian Mumford 

Location / Place:- Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Member of Lodge:- Saratoga No. 937


Thank you for allowing me to attend your lodge on Tuesday 24th April. I enjoyed the evening and I learned much from it.

It was good talking to your members before and after the meeting and the friendships shared with us.

I congratulate Mother Lodge 0 on an outstanding web-site. I found it interesting that you meet so often, 24 times per year and that you had a good age range of people present at the meeting I attended.

Barbara Rosner Email

Location / Place:- Redding, CA

Member of Lodge:- Al Malika, Los Angeles (my husband)

I'm an Eastern Star, orig in Los Angeles...my husband (deceased in Las Vegas, NV) was 33 deg Mason, memb of Al Malika, Los Angeles.  I cried when I viewed your site..as I am a Nesbitt, descendant of Scotland 1700s!!  Small world!  We came to U.S. in 1700s.  I'm a Rosicrucian now, sort of inactive because we don't have connections up here in the north state.  Right now we need the Masonic influence in the world!!!  I pray for us.

Henry R Schull Email

Location / Place:- Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Member of Lodge:- Millersville Lodge#126

I will be bringing brother & Scottish heritage, Mack Hunter of the Hunter clan. He is 85 and his wish was to come to your country. We will be at your lodge tonight,

Hank Schull

mara service Email

Location / Place:- Canada

Our family has traced back our heritage which has deep roots in Kilwinning for generations past the 1500s. We are related to RW Service, the poet, and am so curious if any of our ancestry were members of the Lodge. Our other family names in Kilwinning are Parker, Niven & Whitehead.

Paolo Nicola Corallini Garampi Email

Location / Place:- Osimo (AN) Italy

Member of Lodge:- Mater Kilwinning N°. 1526

I am born in Italy but I feel like a patriot for Scotland.
I always said and protected the theory that the true roots of Freemasonry are in Scotland and The Mother Lodge N° 0 is for me the Spiritual MOTHER, the Guide and the Light of my Masonic path.

Ian David MacLeod MacKenzie Email

Location / Place:- Sault Ste Marie ,Ontario

Member of Lodge:- Hatherly Lodge #625 GRC

We are 7 Canadian masons hoping to visit Mother Kilwinning 0 on your Tuesday May 8th Meeting and also tour the Lodge and Abbey. Please let us know if that's possible. R.W.Bro.Ian Mackenzie PDDGM

Emilio Casati Email

Location / Place:- Locarno / Switzerland

Member of Lodge:- Veritas No. 59


I am happy to learn that your marvelous Lodge has been working since 1140. It is an example for all of us brothers all over the world.

I embrace you all fraternally.

Girolamo Russa Email

Location / Place:- Montreal, Canada

Member of Lodge:- Montreal, Kilwinning #20

Thank you for putting up this site, I look forward to visting you one day.

James Lott 

Location / Place:- U.S.A.

Member of Lodge:- no

Greetings from across the Pond. The website is 1st class. Visually appealing and very informative. No broken links that I experienced and having spent some time with SEO, appearing seamless takes talent. Hats off to the webmaster.
My Mother was born in Kilwinning in 1931 and my Grandfather worked at the ICI factory in Ardeer. 
Thanks again for a wonderful historic journey through your website. Cheers, James. 

Michael Perez Email

Location / Place:- Conroe Texas USA

Member of Lodge:- Spring 1174

Thank you for your great hospitality during my visit to your lodge in April!

Brian Jones 

Location / Place:- Melton Victoria Australia

Member of Lodge:- The DERRIMUT DAYLIGHT LODGE NO905great

Great to see such a early lodge still in operation after all these
years, a credit to the worlds greatest organization
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