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John Taqbb 

Location / Place:- Le Roy NY USA

Member of Lodge:- Olive Branch Lodge #39

My compliments on your web site  I hope to visit one day to visit Scottland

Dr. Kyle Oleynik Email

Location / Place:- Waverly Lodge

Hello.. From Vale Conga.


Location / Place:- San Luis Obispo, California

Member of Lodge:- King David's Lodge #209

I will be traveling to Scotland in September 2019, and hope to be able to visit Mother Kilwinning No. 0.  I will be on an ancestry quest and hope to find Family and Brothers during my stay in Scotland.

Paul Kilmarnock Email

Location / Place:- Irvine Ayrshire

Member of Lodge:- 149 Irvine St Andrew

Excellent site and very informative.
 I haven't been to a meeting in No 0 for a while and will rectify this soon.
Fraternal greetings 

Samuel J. Lawson, FSA Scot 

Location / Place:- Indianapolis, IN, USA

Member of Lodge:- Vitruvian Lodge no.767

In these times of tribulation (aren't they all), it's a great comfort to see such continuity as that which Mother Kilwinning represents. I hope to become more acquainted with brethren of my beloved Scotland, especially the likes of MK0. 

Fraternally yours,
:. Samuel J. Lawson

John Campbell Email

Location / Place:- Cardiff

Member of Lodge:- Amity, Cardiff

Am pleased to be associated with the Mother lodge.

E. Gordon Mooneyhan 

Location / Place:- Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

Member of Lodge:- Seaside 419

You have a wonderful website and a wonderful history. Perhaps one day, I will be lucky enough to travel to Scotland. If so, I will make sure my itinerary includes time for a visit for a Lodge meeting.

E. Gordon Mooneyhan
Past Master
Seaside Lodge #419
Myrtle Beach, SC

Wesley Gordon Lile Email

Location / Place:- Charleston, Maine

Member of Lodge:- Olive Branch #124

Greetings Brethren, look forward to sitting in Lodge will you soon.

Wesley Lile
Master, Olive Branch #124
Charleston, Maine, USA

Iain Urquhart PM Email

Location / Place:- Glasgow

Member of Lodge:- Lodge Dramatic Glasgow No 571

I thoroughly enjoyed looking through your website, particularly when I saw some well-kent faces at the Anniversary Dinner.
I was also a Warden attending GL during the protracted negotiations, this was really an eye-opener to me, it was like taking on the Establishment, and I was gob-smacked!
Being an old PM now of about 40 years, I have promised myself that this year I will attend a ML regular meeting.

Bro KT Lee Wilson-Hart Email

Location / Place:- Warslow

Member of Lodge:- Daybrook 5522 Notinghamshire Plucknett 1708 MetGL

I have stumbled across your site as I have just seen some lovely hand painted Masonic aprons on EBAY. Lodge No 0 has somewhat a significant ring to it so I thought I would check the history.
What splendour of history you have.
I hope to travel to Scotland in 2019 to visit Roslyn Chapel but will be sure to add this to my list of places to visit and pehaps join for a meeting.


Bro KT Lee Wilson-Hart
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