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Charles W Paschal Email

Location / Place:- Spring, Texas USA

Member of Lodge:- N.W. Lodge 1434 , Spring, Texas USA

Would love to travel your beautiful country and hopefully sit in your Glorious lodge. My maternal grandfather was an Abernathy. His wife a Leech. I have never been abroad since my birth in 1957 in Paris, but it is Scotland I desire to see. The history is amazing.

I come from a long line of Masons.
I wish you well my brothers. Until we meet.
Good day

J. L. "Mick" Mikinn 

Location / Place:- Hanover, Germany

Member of Lodge:- #842 Saxony Lodge, Celle, Germany

We thank all and everyone of you who made us such a warm welcome. Cheers for showing us around. Liked your bar, though.

Bro Mick,  Sr Anita & Siobhán from Hanover, Germany

John steven jnr Email

Location / Place:- Kilwinning

Member of Lodge:- Mko

It is with great pleasure I have donated to the building works of this my mother lodge. To my master office bearers and bretheran i wish you well with the fund .

Glenn Morgan 

Location / Place:- Tucson, AZ

Member of Lodge:- Downtown #86

Brethren, a pleasure to see such a well built and informative site. Was reading the site to find out information about visitation later this year, and hope to be able to sit and share fellowship. 

Glenn Morgan
Downtown Lodge #86 Tucson, AZ

Jim Blakley Email

Location / Place:- Taylorville, Illinois

My great grandfather was Thomas Melvin, who family history has it, was a 33rd degree Mason, belonged to the Mother Lodge of Scotland.  I do not know anything about the family before he came to America, possibly around late 1870's to 1882.  I enjoy watching the "Mystery of Oak Island" and would like to learn more about my Great Grandfather. 

John Taqbb 

Location / Place:- Le Roy NY USA

Member of Lodge:- Olive Branch Lodge #39

My compliments on your web site  I hope to visit one day to visit Scottland

Dr. Kyle Oleynik Email

Location / Place:- Waverly Lodge

Hello.. From Vale Conga.


Location / Place:- San Luis Obispo, California

Member of Lodge:- King David's Lodge #209

I will be traveling to Scotland in September 2019, and hope to be able to visit Mother Kilwinning No. 0.  I will be on an ancestry quest and hope to find Family and Brothers during my stay in Scotland.

Paul Kilmarnock Email

Location / Place:- Irvine Ayrshire

Member of Lodge:- 149 Irvine St Andrew

Excellent site and very informative.
 I haven't been to a meeting in No 0 for a while and will rectify this soon.
Fraternal greetings 

Samuel J. Lawson, FSA Scot 

Location / Place:- Indianapolis, IN, USA

Member of Lodge:- Vitruvian Lodge no.767

In these times of tribulation (aren't they all), it's a great comfort to see such continuity as that which Mother Kilwinning represents. I hope to become more acquainted with brethren of my beloved Scotland, especially the likes of MK0. 

Fraternally yours,
:. Samuel J. Lawson
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